A birthday gift to my dear friend Alexis

This is inspired by the whimsical, flirty designs of the legendary Lily Pulitzer.

This is the only picture I took of my progress
Hanging in its new home!

I often post progress pictures to my snapchat story, but I seldom save the images. I look back to my story periodically while I’m painting to see how far I’ve come, and what I need to change. You can follow me on snapchat to see life updates and art projects: emily5880



This is another component of a digital painting commission. I may not even use this because I’m disappointed with the result. But, I thought I would share anyway since I took the time to record it. Maybe you can recognize some issues and learn from my mistakes.

For starters, my technique in this is so terrible. In addition, this painting took far too long and for a result that wasn’t even great in my opinion. Re-watching this is helpful for me so I can see what I could have done better to make things go more quickly.

Made using a Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW in Adobe Photoshop 2015.