Latest Commission: “Rainbowie”, 8″ x 10″, acrylic on canvas

This is a commission for a friend. She requested a portrait of David Bowie, based on a Google image. I added some gold and put my own spin on it. Keep scrolling to see progress images!

Props to my cousin for coming up with the clever name “Rainbowie”.


Commission: Jinxy Triptych


All three are acrylic on 8″ x 10″ canvas.


A commission I did last week for a friend. She requested three paintings of her cat, Jinx, in three different locations: Paris, the beach, and a ski mountain.

This was so fun to create – she gave me a lot of creative freedom with these pieces.

Note: The banana in the skiing scene & the Paris scene is Jinx’s favorite toy.


Commission #1: Alena

A painting I did for a friend – this was a birthday gift to his girlfriend, who has a strong affection for tigers.

The final product, sprayed and sealed.
About 4 hours in…
20150725_233908 (1)
A few hours later…
Finishing the background, and poor tiger has a blind eye.
20150804_230550 (1)
Some details of reclining Alena
Getting closer to finished, adding flowers and small details
The final result