Old dumb art

an ink drawing of the Beatles

Here’s another drawing from my high school daze; I was a freshman. Inspired by this photo of the Beatles:


Here is the finished drawing:


My stippling also got better later on when I did a self portrait in college.

I learned to stop taking the drawing so literally and do some creative tweaking, then it looked a little better on my second try. Micron pens are expensive. That is all.


The worst painting I’ve ever done

a painting of clouds

This painting was such a fail. I was at the beach one summer and I saw this awesome cloud that looked like an elephant jumping in the air (to me)

Do you see it? Or am I cray cray

I decided to do a small painting of it, and I took things a little too far.

After finishing the clouds, I took a silver sharpie and tried to draw a “silver lining”. It ended up looking like pencil, and the painting looked atrocious.


I definitely overdid it, and this painting serves as a reminder.

Silver sharpie is not always the answer, people.


Just a dumb meme

Here’s a meme that will hit home if any of the following situations apply to you:

A. You go to UMass Amherst

B. You are a socially stable human being

C. You rely on public transportation of any kind

same shiz different day


Dumb stuff I do with Illustrator

inner monologue
original photo


menacing woman with dreadlocks

Don’t know what made me do this, but here she is.



menacing woman with dreadlocks
The final product

Hope you enjoy.